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Why Some People Love Solo Travel

05 Mar

There are many luxury spas for two and romantic getaways’ adverts on the internet. These make many people think that traveling with partners is always the best way to enjoy a trip. But, some people disagree with this completely. Here are some of the reasons why some people actually love solo travels.

To Enjoy Total Freedom

Solo travel provides a liberating experience. It gives you the freedom to engage in what you love and however you want when traveling. If you decide to change travel plans while away from home, nobody will question you. You can also decide to stay at your travel destination as long as you want without being answerable to anyone.

To Plan a Perfect Trip

Many people have more fun when planning a trip. The experience is better when going on a trip alone. You don’t have to argue with anybody or compromise your experiences to accommodate their needs. You also don’t have to worry about the fragile constitution of your travel partner when it comes to foods at your destination. You plan your trip depending on your dream getaway. You just find the adventure tour you love to make your dream a reality.

It’s Easier to Make Friends when Traveling Alone

Solo travelers are more approachable. When you travel with a partner, people assume that you are a couple. What’s more, striking up conversations with strangers is easier when traveling alone. That’s because you don’t have to worry about upsetting your partner with what you say.

No Putting Up with Annoying Habits

When you travel with your spouse, it’s easy to magnify small annoying habits. Solo travel on the other hand keeps such issues away. For instance, you don’t have to put up with a snorer or blanket stealer. You also don’t have to argue about minor things like toothpaste use.

To Think and Reflect in Peace

It’s true that solo travel allows you to make more friends. However, you also get moments to think and reflect in peace when you travel alone. This allows you a chance to take stock of life and plan for your future. You do this without feeling like you are distancing yourself from your spouse.

To Boost Self Confidence

Solo travel means making decisions alone. This makes you more confident, decisive, and assertive. When you face challenges and overcome them when traveling alone, you feel great about yourself. You realize that you are actually more confident than you may have thought.

For Self Discovery

By the end of a solo trip, you know who you really are than when you travel with your spouse. That’s because traveling alone provides a clearer view of the things you love and what you don’t. You also know what you are good at from a first-hand experience. You discover yourself without the influence of somebody else.

When you travel alone, you know more about yourself, what worries and concern you, as well as what you love doing. Thus, you discover yourself, reflect more, and plan your future without influences.


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