Most Beautiful Lakes in North America

16 Dec

From Panama to Canada, North America features some of the most fascinating lakes. These lakes boast of a wide range of attractions, landscapes and history. Here are some of the most beautiful lakes in North America.

Mono Lake, California

The lower levels of water in this lake reveal the eerily tufa formations of limestone that are insanely cool. In the past, these were submerged but the lake was still magnificent. Additionally, this lake has almost twice the amount of the salt of an ocean. This gives it an ambiance of an alien, almost desolate planet. It is a perfect sci-fi novel setting.

Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Caldera filling after Mount Mazama volcano collapsed left behind the Crater Lake. This is a natural wonder that features over 30 scenic overlooks on the rim. The Pinnacles are among the most interesting Crater Lake features. These are a group of towering spires that were formed through the solidification of the volcanic ash in midair during the eruption.

Skilak Lake, Alaska, USA

This lake is situated in Alaska in the Kenai Peninsula. It is known for crystal clear waters because of the absence of aquatic vegetation in some parts. Glacial run off led to the formation of this lake. As such, its water can sometimes be chilly though it has amazing scenery that features impressive mountainous views. This lake is popular among the Alaskans because of its convenient location. It is situated around 2 hours from the Anchorage and it features two campgrounds where people immerse in the landscape’s beauty.

Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona

This is not a naturally formed lake. It is a creation of the humans but it is truly beautiful. It was created through Glen Canyon Damning up which led to rising of the Colorado River. Lake Powell is the second largest U.S reservoir. It features red sandstone cliffs, warm waters, and canyons that provide a mind-blowing experience.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

This is one of the spectacular, blue-green and milky glacial lakes in Banff National Park. It has the natural beauty and chateau-style hotel that the Canadian Pacific Railway built in the 1920s. This lake has water whose color is somewhat indescribable. It appears as bright turquoise against steep forested, deep green slopes of the Canadian Rockies that are glacier-topped.

Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico

Laguna Catemaco is located in Veracruz State. It is an incredible, ancient formation of a volcanic eruption that isolated its location from the Mexican Gulf. It is a popular destination for ecotourism. The Las Margaritas on the lake’s northeast shore provide amazing tropical views, ancient petroglyphs, and archaeological ruins. It also features jungle trekking and mountain trails for adventure. The lake sightseeing is simply breathtaking.

Emerald Lake, Carcross, Yukon, Canada

The Gray Ridge Mountain and scenic lake views are the pride of Canada. This lake provides amazing views due to unusual water coloration that appears deep green-blue in its deeper sections. The shallow sections sparkle like light-green opal. The sun creates unusual effects when it reflects off the white calcium carbonate on the floor of this lake. This creates a marbling effect on the lake’s surface.

These are some of the most astounding lakes in North America. Consider visiting some of them in your lifetime to enjoy their magnificent views.


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